Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday, Monday

Finally, it stopped raining.  March was the wettest on record and even April came in like a lion and roared until Saturday, April 21.  But then the sun shone without the slightest hint of embarrassment at having been missing, absent and unaccounted for.

It was a good day for sun: Niece Alison was getting married to her beau David:12-04-21-14-46-39H

and the grandbabies were making an appearance: 12-04-21-15-36-57H 

and our other nieces were coming to stay the weekend with us:


and we were having a family birthday party for sweet DIL :


and a High Tea on Sunday in Portland’s Pearl District:12-04-22-03-12-16H  12-04-22-03-14-01H

Lovely, all of it, the sun, the wedding, the family dinner, the tea, the getting together with loved ones for a variety of celebrations that all reflect the love we share.

Did I mention the grandgirlies?12-04-21-18-26-47H 12-04-21-18-27-27H

12-04-03-17-59-26H  Alison had gone to the tulip fields south of Portland to get flowers for her bouquet and all the tables.  They were glorious! 

12-04-21-14-40-46H I am beginning the new week wishing I could have a little recovery time from the weekend but knowing that I’d better jump into my studies this morning because the Thursday class always comes sooner than I’m ready for. What is falling through the cracks here is housework.  And napping in the sun.  Mmmmmm. That sounds really good.