Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March Metaphor

12-03-01-10-07-13H 12-03-01-10-07-36H 12-03-01-10-07-52H 12-03-01-10-06-40H 12-03-01-10-07-00H

Winter Reveries/Revelries

Except for a couple short little posts I haven’t been writing much this winter.  Normally I would say that winter is the best ever time for writing and thinking poetic thoughts, but I have been preoccupied this winter. (That is, OCCUPY HOLLY has been going on here in Portland).12-01-06-01-12-59H 12-01-06-01-12-44H 12-01-05-22-51-30H Movie night with the girls

I know it is considered boring to tell people how busy you’ve been, but at the risk of bad etiquette I feel a need to say:

I had a trip to Washington, DC, to use my frequent flier (I wish) miles before they expired (because I hardly ever really do fly anywhere) and incidentally to see my ADORABLE grandson and sweet daughter and  son-in-law.12-01-14-14-52-21H 12-01-14-13-36-26H Arlington National Cemetery

I rushed home just in time to get the house ready for a double baby shower for a daughter and daughter-in-law who were both expecting girl babies. The shower was hosted by another daughter and I was a “consultant” and “site manager”. 12-01-23-09-58-30H12-01-22-16-46-15H 12-01-22-17-18-47H Emily and Nichole preparing for girl cousins

The day before the shower, my sister arrived from Denver to spend a week with me clearing out my mother’s closets and book shelves, her awesome hat collection and costume jewelry collection and…let’s face it: my mother was a collector.  My dad wanted pictures taken of her things before we parted with them, and we made a bibliography of her books which dated back to her English Lit major college days. 12-01-23-18-44-23H My sister Gretchen modeling one of Mom’s hats

Our daughter arrived for a 2 week visit with our grandson.12-02-08-09-53-53H 12-02-08-10-02-44H   Then a dear friend was having a BIG birthday and  I pulled out my tea cups and table cloths and silver and we partied, girl style.  Fun!  Work! (I would do this more often if I had a cleaning lady or were a better housekeeper myself).12-02-04-15-30-58R    12-02-04-16-15-17H Our DARLING granddaughter arrived (the same day as the tea party, of course).  We are so thrilled with this precious new little life.  12-02-05-00-34-45H Tillie’s first bath

I had a long weekend at the beach with old longtime friends. 12-02-18-10-28-14H Whipped foam at Pacific City

I was/am teaching the women’s Bible study each week at my church, which seems to take a lot of study time.

This past week I have had 3 dental appointments including an extraction.  I’m not getting older: I’m getting more expensive.

And the odd little other things that come up, like food and friends and lending a helping hand and taking a finance class (for which I have homework due. On which I should be working. But I have always been more attracted to words than numbers).


Remember my “word for the year”, "sweeten up" ? Look what I found! A gentle reminder!

Saturday, March 3, 2012



“She did not think that people now were any worse than they used to be, but it was very clear to her that they had less time.  In the old days Botswana people were rarely in a rush to get somewhere else - why should they be?  Nowadays, people were always thinking of getting somewhere - they traveled far more, rushing from here to there and back again.  She would never let her life go that way; she would always take the time to drink tea, to look at the sky, and to talk.  What else was there to do?  Make money?  Why?  Did money bring any greater happiness than that furnished by a well-made cup of red bush tea and a moment or two with a good friend?  She thought not.”


By Alexander McCall Smith

Diane’s Tea Party

My friend had her 60th birthday and we celebrated with a tea at my house.  The guest list grew from 10 to 12 to 19 with a possibility of 3 more. Guests were requested by the birthday girl to wear hats.  She herself wore several different ones during the course of the party, mysteriously appearing in changed hat, earrings and scarves occasionally:12-02-04-17-29-46H 12-02-04-15-38-25R


12-02-04-17-22-47H All the ladies in their hats:

12-02-04-16-15-17H  some of whom were quite elegant:12-02-04-15-31-08R  and others more casual:



I pulled out all the ‘girly’ stops, gloves, purses, flowers, embroidery and ladies’ hankies: 12-03-03-11-31-08H 12-03-03-11-30-56H

12-02-08-13-57-45H  (Shabby-chic spoon rack displays leftover hanky collection)

12-02-04-15-30-20R  (My mother’s hats and purses and gloves)12-02-04-15-30-58R

12-03-03-11-44-13H (My Grandmother’s tea towels which I salvaged in embroidery hoops)



Our menu was:


Harney Bros. --“Paris”  and “Mother’s Bouquet”

Teavana—Monkey Picked Oolong

Zhena’s Gypsy Tea—Ambrosia Plum (White)



Open-faced Vegetable Sandwich by Glennie12-02-04-15-30-04REgg Salad Pinwheels by Diane12-02-04-15-29-21RChicken Salad on Croissants

“Teapot” Scones with Clotted Cream and Jam by Amanda

12-02-04-15-29-08R    12-02-04-15-31-17RTomato-Basil Bruschetta with Olive on Rounds

Shrimp/Chives/Cream Cheese on Cocktail Pumpernickel

Brie Triangles with Crackers

Broiled Mushroom Caps Stuffed with Spinach or Artichoke Dip

Fruit Garnish: Pineapple, Strawberry, Orange

Olives, Artichoke Hearts


Cupcakes made by Bethany12-02-04-16-51-21H

Shortbread made by Lindsay

Russell Stover Truffles

For a get-acquainted game we played a Trivia from 1952 game that my daughter had concocted. [What was the Brylcream slogan? (extra points for singing it) Fill in the blank: “Look, Ma, no ………” , etc.]

Over the years I have been given books on teas and tea parties which I enjoy:12-03-03-11-41-02H


and of course I have my own inclination toward tea:

12-03-03-11-32-53H 12-03-03-11-33-54H

and then Susan Branch keeps me inspired: 12-03-03-11-35-23H   (My 2012 calendar, copyright by Susan Stewart Branch)

And here is my wish for Diane the birthday girl and for all of you, my friends:

May you always be blessed

with walls for the wind,

a roof for the rain,

a warm cup of tea by the fire,

laughter to cheer you,

those you love near you,

and all that your heart might desire.


Holly   12-02-04-15-31-36R