Sunday, January 10, 2016

A Very Happy New Year to You


Below: Ages 1, 3,3,3,2,and 5

IMG_1264This is pretty much my world these days, these little guys.  I haven’t been writing much (or sewing much, or painting much, or housekeeping much) but I am very happy to be involved with my grandchildren on a regular basis.  Already I know that things will change next fall when the oldest goes off to kindergarten in his own neighborhood so I won’t be seeing him on a daily basis, and I want to hang onto the time I have with him. 

On the other side, my dad is almost 91 and lately has been needing more care than he used to.  He still prefers (insists on) living in his own home and he still drives but needs some help with routine maintenance such as bill paying, etc.  There is a reason why my peer group is called “The Sandwich Generation”: sometimes I feel quite squished in the middle.15-10-02-17-25-35

I love my life and I am happy and grateful for it.  Tech Guy Ron is still working full time although it is mostly from an office in our basement nowadays. He figures he has 2 more years until retirement.  In the meantime we have vacations scattered throughout the year and find conferences and friends and ministry opportunities to keep us fresh. 

I went to Denver in December to accompany my dad and Portland brother in attending my nephew’s wedding.  My Colorado sister and other (California) brother were also there so it was very special to have all of us together.   This was right after Thanksgiving and a slew of family birthdays, so I came home to Christmas-in-a-Hurry, decorating the church and then our house in a toddler–proof style.


I am just now finishing getting the Christmas decorations put away.  The seasonal mugs and hand towels still need to be changed out.  Sometimes I wonder how long I will keep doing this to myself and then I remember how I used to feel about old people who were (in my judgmental opinion) too lacking in spirit to have a tree or make an effort for the season.  Now I see how easy that would be, what a slippery slope I stand on toward Old Fogey-ness.  “Doing it for the grandkids” is my motivation now.  Is this how it begins? 

This coming weekend Ron and I are going to a missions conference and then next month I am meeting a friend in Pasadena for a quilter’s weekend conference.  In between, we are hosting a book club which is reading The Book That Changed Your World by Vishal Mangalwadi, a fascinating read.  So life continues to stimulate and delight even though everything seems to be coming at me faster than ever.

I hope 2016 is full of joys for you, and strength for the times of struggle, good health and great peace. I am glad we are friends on the journey!