Thursday, January 22, 2009

Feeling Bearish

I feel like a bear--a great big old hibernating bear. Or one who wants to be hibernating and isn't quite in a cave. The sofa has come pretty close, though; I have one blanket over my head and around my shoulders, and another one over my feet. Propped sideways on the sofa I have snoozed away several evenings and a couple optional meetings this week. Catching up on a recorded TiVo program took three tries before I made it through to the end finally.

I don't know if its the cold weather and high winds blowing around that make me want to curl up and stay inside, or the shorter days of winter, or the extra layer of bear fat I put on over the holidays. The vacation days were less active than usual due to the weather, but the hand-to-mouth movement was just as active.

How do bears come out of their somnolence?

I'm glad I'm not alone in this, though. My walking partner cancelled one day this week and I cancelled the next. We agreed to walk in the afternoon when it "would be warmer" but it wasn't enough warmer. So far, our best system is mall walking with the 7 AM gang of old men.

Another girlfriend is feeling bearish, too. On our day off this week I called and asked her to come over. She liked the idea of getting together, but didn't want to leave her cozy wood stove. Why didn't I just drive over there? As nice as a visit in front of her stove sounded, the cold winds and the long drive to the country discouraged me. We decided that in our old age we are going to need adjoining condos with a door between so we can visit without having to go outside.

I'm sure I'll be better when I see my first daffodil. What wakes bears up?

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