Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Bouquet List

The problem with having a bucket list is that after you do the items you have to croak.

I much prefer having a list of pleasures to anticipate enriching my life, not kissing it goodbye. So I call it my Bouquet List, goals and dreams that will add on-going texture and color and beauty and joy to my future.

After I renamed my Bouquet List, I remembered Hyacinth Bucket, the British matron in Keeping Up Appearances, who always insisted that her last name was pronounced Bouquet. I do fear that the similarity doesn't stop there; I have a bit of Hyacinth in me.

On with the fun:


1) learn to really type

2) learn to speak French

3) see the Solomon Islands

4) go to Roratura

5) go to New Zealand

6) swim in the Great Barrier Reef of Australia

7) ride in a hot air balloon (over France, preferably)

8) learn how to use digital photography with my computer

9) get better results from my color prints

10) Really paint

11) have a treehouse

12) have a sunroom

13) write real poetry

15) kiss chubby cheeks of grandchildren

16) learn to play the piano

17) spend a summer in northern coastal France

18) spend a long time in the Outer Hebrides

19) make a mosaic river between my house and the North fence

20) meditate in God's Word

21) walk all the trails in Forest Park

22) have dinner guests 1 Sunday per month after church

23) use the stuff I have in interesting ways

24) develop a practical world view

25) spend a week in the Gulf Coast

26) spend a summer in Maine

27) ride my bike again

28) collect bits of china to my heart's delight

29) sit by bubbling musical brooks anywhere

30) think

31) if I have a good "think", write it down

32) go back to Prince Edward Island and stay in those little colored-shutter cottages

33) go back to Rye Beach

34) own a convertible and drive it across America, up and down the land

35) have a screen porch

36) have a white garden in a corner somewhere: lilacs, hydrangeas, lilies-of-the-valley...

37) .........

So, you see, if I am having this much fun I shall want it to go on and on. There was a movie, Heaven Can Wait, but I prefer the book title All This, and Heaven Too. I figure in heaven I'll be able to finish up the stuff I didn't get to, here.


Rowan said...

A white garden would be beautiful, have you ever seen photos of the White Garden at Sissinghurst in England? A summer in Maine - me too! And Rye Beach - do you mean the one in NH? I know it well, my American friend lives in Rye and their friends have a beach house there! I should be out there this Fall with luck.

Hollace said...

I can't believe it! There are only 18 miles of Atlantic coastline in NH and we know the same one from around the world. My husband and I "just happened" to find it as we were looking for a place to stay for the night, and then we wished we could stay forever. I can still feel the peace settle over me as I think about it...

French Cupboard said...

I love your bucket list re-name! BEautiful!!

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