Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Lord is For Me

A few years ago I found this verse that was a strong and reassuring  promise:

Ps 118:6a

Once again this past summer I found myself clinging to those words and appreciating those friendships as I was in a  state of anxiety over many house guests,  my daughter's wedding,  my mother's failing health and my dad's grieving.

Honestly, so many people volunteered to help in so many ways that I can't think of my summer joys without thinking of the helpers who made things work out.  I would like to show you some pictures of them--of course, I don't have a snapshot of everyone who said a kind word or encouraged me, so I can't acknowledge them all.                                           
                                         Ginny vacuumed my house.
Stephanie ironed tablecloths for the reception

Diane brought food, cake, flowers

Ginny took me for a margarita and talk

Betty and Dave loaned their vacant house for overflow guests

Sandy offered to bring meals in

Kay sent dinner over one evening

Lisa addressed all the invitations

Emily redid the guest lists and address changes daily

Pam G, Kris, and Emily hosted showers (and all made handmade invitations)

Amanda polished silver

Ginny and Rick and Diane and Jim spent the day cooking the rehearsal dinner with Arthur and Francoise

Alisha and Ashley ran innumerable errands for everything and everyone (they took the week off to be available)

Bekah, Amanda, and Emily stamped and licked and sealed and mailed the invitations from Bridal Veil, Oregon!

Ron worked in the yard for 2 weeks on the sprinkler system and other "Honey Do's"

Steve rewired our basement for guestrooms.

Eleanor did the wedding flowers

John fixed a car for bride and groom to use for 8 weeks

Mike did dishes secretly at night.

Diane weeded .

Sandy offered to organize meals.

Amanda made strawberry tarts-yum!

My kids said, "How are you doin', Mom?"

My brother took me on a convertible ride.

Patti and Mike invited us all out for a barbecue.

John and Emily loaned us a bed.

Dave, Don, Drenda, Nick, John, John and  Em helped us scrape and paint the house

Diane kept weeding the flowerbeds

Lisa and Evan coordinated reception food and did the shopping

Wheaton roommates fixed reception food

Aimee made the bride's earrings

Rachel helped with sewing project.

Craig drove his Model A getaway car.

Maxime ironed (Don't tell he knows how.)

Two songs buzzed round and round in my head.  One was Tevye to Golda: "Do you love me?" and Golda's response, "Do I love you?  When our daughter's getting married and there's trouble in the town, you're upset ...go inside, go lie down..."

and the other was "Oh, I get along with a little help from my friends, with a little help from my FRIENDS!"

And I do, and I thank the Lord for using them as His hands and feet in my life.


Connie said...

So fun to read the many ways in which God used people to love you this summer! What a blessing they were to you. What a beautiful time you had - everything looked so yummy and/or pretty.

Gilly said...

You've had a busy time, but it all looked such fun! Its lovely when everybody lends a hand and things get done with laughter and love.

SteveNTL said...

A lot of people love you, Holly. I do!