Monday, October 19, 2009

Amber Waves of Grain-2

amber waves of grainCollage

Technical support person arrived.  Collage happened.  Can’t get borders of color around pictures like I’ve seen some of you other smarty pants do.  Oh, well.  Aren’t these colors gorgeous?

We were going to and from Central Ferry State Park on the Snake River in Washington.  Loved the drive!

I am using Picasa 3 for the collage and Windows Live Writer on the blog.  What do you use for your collages?


Connie said...

I haven't tried any, so I can not be of any help. It certainly adds a fun touch to a collection of photos. You are doing great!

Gilly said...

Your collage is potentially lovely! I think slightly few photos would be nicer as then you could see more of your lovely pics. And for the grid spacings, its under "settings" on that menu on the left hand side. Move the spacer to the right to get the width you want, and then click on the square of colour underneath to find the right colour. You can have the phbotos lined up in columns, or random like you have, or with one big picture in the middle and little ones round Have fun!

Anneliese said...

Good Morning, Hollace! Yesterday when I cklicked on your name my computer wasn't co-opereating ... but now I got here and wanted to tell you how I do my collages - and thee is a beautiful collage!!!! Yes, Picasa is the way to go. And if you click under the arrow right under the settings - you can chose your style. Under that there is a bar whre it says "grid spacing" and that gives yuo a little frame around each pic. Yes, I just noticed someone already said, that. . . . but sometimes when we read it twice it makes more sense.
I didn't know about the windows live writer - do oyou have to install that?
Thank you for your visits.

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