Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ron and His Dad


Although he is now with the Lord, we remember Ron’s dad on Father’s Day.  This picture was taken several years ago.

Ron and I are grateful to have had dads who were faithful to their families and provided for the family’s needs.  They were both men who were consistent in their walk with the Lord and trained their children in spiritual ways.  Ron’s dad and mom were married 55 years when he died; Holly’s parents are in their 64th year of marriage.  What a heritage!


Debbie said...

I`m sorry to hear about Ron`s dad...
It must be quite comforting to have such lovely memories!


Monique Elisabeth said...

So sorry to hear you've lost a wonderful father in law. It's great that they had such a stabile, loving home for you all.
Your parents have been married for a very long time, that is amazing !!!
My parents have been married for 55 years. They just had their anniversary on June 2nd this year. My husband and I are Spring chicks, we are married for 23 years now ; )
Have a wonderful day !!