Friday, September 10, 2010

Beach Flora & Fauna – Pictures Only, No Talking!

 10-09-05-12-55-01H  10-09-05-13-03-49H 10-09-05-15-35-57H10-09-05-15-36-28H 10-09-03-14-12-32H 10-09-02-13-06-32H 10-09-02-13-09-28H 10-09-02-13-24-02H 10-09-02-12-01-05H 10-09-02-12-35-17R 10-09-02-12-43-22R 10-09-02-12-51-36H

10-09-04-10-34-03H 10-09-04-10-23-45H 10-09-04-10-30-57H 10-09-04-10-33-15H 10-09-04-10-33-23H 10-09-04-10-38-03H 10-09-04-10-38-35H 10-09-04-10-42-05R 10-09-04-15-18-14A



bekimarie said...

WOW what gorgeous pics!
I couldn't tell by your comment if you wanted to join in with the find a pen pal.

B xxx

Gilly said...

What a wonderful, wonderful place! And your pics of the roses are marvellous - you have a real talent for photography!

I'd love to go there!

Anonymous said...

Those are my favorite roses :)
Kim K.

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