Friday, December 31, 2010

‘Twas the week before Christmas and…


Depoe Bay, Oregon

This photo was taken the week before Christmas from our timeshare unit.  I woke up to this sight out my bedroom sliding doors.  From my bed we appeared to be floating on the ocean; no land in sight.  Standing in the kitchen and living room it was the same: the ocean surrounded us as though we were in a luxurious cruise ship.10-12-20-14-35-44H We made plans 13 months ago to have the week before Christmas at the beach, and it was harder to get away than I expected, but we took our international students, and one daughter came over for a few days.  I was afraid the boys would be bored which is almost unimaginable for me and DH since we both love to read so much and can lose track of mealtimes and whole days at the beach.  But the boys aren’t that easily entertained.  However, with their laptops and Netbook and the rec center and swimming pool and workout room they were satisfied.  We made them get up to walk into town with us one morning just to see what the little place was like.10-12-23-17-45-50H

Our typical beach behaviors^ 10-12-23-17-47-23H Alan

10-12-23-17-47-48H  John10-12-20-21-35-02H 10-12-21-12-03-08H

Eating breakfast oceanside


Walking into town

10-12-21-12-55-02R 10-12-21-12-55-13R 10-12-21-13-02-27R  10-12-21-13-11-52R 10-12-21-13-15-27H

Buying salt water taffy for all the Christmas stockings—one of each kind for 10 stockings

  10-12-21-13-23-14H10-12-21-13-16-32R  The Depoe Bay bridge over the channel into the harbor10-12-21-13-17-25R


Whales were migrating south but were 3 to 5 miles out so we didn’t spot any this time.


The shops along the waterfront 10-12-21-13-52-12H  Inn at Whale Point  10-12-22-08-59-34H  10-12-22-09-00-02H 10-12-22-09-00-19H 10-12-22-09-00-30H 10-12-22-09-00-42H  10-12-22-09-01-41HSailing into the rainbow


10-12-22-09-02-33HFrom our deck     10-12-22-10-55-12H  10-12-22-11-39-43R 10-12-22-11-40-08R

10-12-22-11-42-13ROur kids had decided that our gift exchange should be handmade items, so I took my machine along and spent several days sewing flannel seasonal pillowcase sets for  them:



10-12-24-09-21-51HAnd of course I was eager to make something for my little grandson Noah; it’s a tubular pillow that keeps him propped on his side for sleeping.  He was born December 15 at 30 weeks, 10 weeks early, and only 3 lbs, 10 ozs.  We are so grateful that he was able to breathe on his own and is doing very well. He is a whopping 4 lbs. now!  10-12-23-15-38-41H  

This past year has had some landmarks for me.  I turned 60 in May as did all my high school buddies and I became a grandmother for the first time in December.  I am filled with longing to make both the experience of being a senior citizen (oh, how can that be?) and grandmotherhood rich, fulfilling, and productive.  So many things to do/be!  Do/be/do/be/do.  (Has a certain ring, doesn’t it?)

It is New Year’s Eve now, 10 PM, and soon the calendar will turn a page to a clean start for us all.  I wonder what your hopes and dreams are.  I have many, but I’m not going to say them out loud now and thus be accountable to you all.  Mostly I am going to practice being an fabulous senior citizen and an adoring Grandma!

Happy New Year to you!


Gilly said...

Oh Holly! I could lose track of the time with a book and a view like that! What a wonderful place! No wonder you wanted to go andf spend Christmas there!

(Did you swim out and find the crock of gold at the end of the rainbow??)

Rowan said...

I can't imagine anyone not loving the opportunity to spend time in those beautiful surroundings! Especially if there's an opportunity to buy saltwater taffy! I really like the fabrics you used for your pillowcase sets especially the first one, how clever of you to be able to make things like that.
As for your new little grandson - Congratulations! He'll be fine, my grandson Gabriel was premature and only weighed 3lb 13oz, he's a fine healthy almost 4 year old now. Have a very Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new Grandson, I'm sure it won't be long until he is home with the family. All the best for 2011, and to all your family health and happiness.

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