Thursday, April 28, 2011

Photo Gallery

It’s been a hectically busy spring, and I’m not sure it’s slowing down.  Since “a picture is worth a thousand words” I thought I would post some of my favorite pictures from the fairly recent past.  My DH and I took a photography class in March (only 2 sessions; don’t expect much) and for an assignment we were to choose 3 of our favorite pictures and send them by email…then the class got to dissect them for what worked and what didn’t.

[Let’s face it: the purpose of my photography is to remember the fun that I’m having while I’m having it, which means that it has to be quick and not too technical.  I know some about apertures and f stops, but when someone is blowing out the candles at the birthday party, who has the time?  I do fantasize about having grown up in a slightly different direction and being a photographer for National Geographic, but then I’d always be thinking about f stops….But can you imagine traveling the world to take pictures and then getting paid for it?  Oh, my.  In heaven, I will.]

So I thought I could make up for my long absence by showing some pretty pictures.  Forget what the class said about them.  I am keeping them as favorites because of the joy of the memory, how I saw it in the first place.  I am captioning them at the bottom.

Tunis wrought iron

Tunis, Wrought Iron

Tunis Shadows

Meditteranean rooftop pots11-02-10-01-23-13H Tunis, rooftop non-garden


Portland, Tram at OHSU

Scottish ThistlesOregon coast at Sunset Bay

Stanford arches10-09-25-12-58-17H

Palo Alto, California, Stanford U. Memorial Quad

08-06-21-19-50-38H 08-06-21-19-57-09H 08-06-21-19-47-28HCove Palisades, Lake Simtustis, Oregon

08-06-21-20-27-11H Lake Simtustis, Central Oregon


Road’s End, Oregon coast


 Ocean Shores, Long Beach Peninsula, Washington 08-12-29-12-53-45H 08-12-29-17-13-14H 08-12-29-17-14-12HStorm’s Comin’, Long Beach, Washington 


Waterfall, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

 09-05-21-12-12-16H “Portlandia”, Portland, OR


Beach Bubbles, OR

09-05-29-17-38-30H 09-05-29-17-36-15HOld Scenic Highway, Columbia Gorge, OR

09-09-05-17-30-50HMagnificent Flying Machine, Eastern WA

09-07-07-14-11-45H“Dismal Nitch”, WA  09-07-07-16-18-13H  Officer’s housing,  Fort Canby, WA

10-03-21-12-21-59HEly River Campground, Redwood Nat’l Forest, CA


Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco, CA

10-03-23-17-25-54R Transamerica Building, San Francisco

10-03-25-12-10-30H 10-03-25-11-28-38R 10-03-25-11-30-59H  Castle Winery, Napa, California

10-03-24-12-08-40H Another winery, California

10-05-22-12-13-12RColumbia Gorge Hotel grounds

 10-05-22-09-31-52HVista House, Crown Point, Columbia River, OR 

10-06-07-12-15-13H Cannon Beach, Oregon

10-07-27-11-36-59H Adirondacks at Neskowin, OR 10-07-27-11-16-58H Dad at Neskowin

10-08-18-13-24-51HSylvia Beach Hotel, Newport, OR

10-09-24-13-28-48HMt. Tamalpais, California

 10-09-24-12-31-08H 10-09-24-12-31-32HFort Baker Chapel, Marin, CA

11-02-12-06-05-10HMinaret in Tunis 11-02-06-07-39-22H 11-02-06-07-39-36H 11-02-10-01-25-51H 11-02-12-05-14-01H Tunis, Tunisia

Depoe Bay in MistNewport Bay, OR

Long Beach Garden

Garden in Long Beach, WA


 Proxy Falls, OR IMG_4824

near Proxy Falls, OR


Woodland, Washington

 Little girl in red Tunisia

Sorry; you probably wish I said the 1,000 words.  I have way more favorites than these, though.  Could have been worse.

I notice that conspicuously missing from my pictures are people.  That does not mean that people are not my favorites.  They are.  Really.  It’s just that they fuss so when you want to take their picture.

I am heading out in a couple days for a road trip to Chicago with my dad.  He is going to his 65th college class reunion and then we will have a couple days with my sister in the Rockies.  I expect I will have many more favorite pictures to show you when I get back!  A tout a l’heure!

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Gilly said...

You have a great eye for fantastic photos! I can see you love shapes and patterns as much as I do. I would love to have been in Tunisia with you - we would be fighting over the best place to stand for that wrought iron!!!

Have a great time in the Rockies - somewhere I have always wanted to see.