Thursday, August 25, 2011

Vacation Reads

11-08-19-19-05-02H   What I filled my book bag with to go on vacation.  I just love my red-lined western style bag from Trader Joe’s—makes me happy! 11-08-19-19-03-08HConcerning the choice of furnishings we have in our home, April Cornell says;

“Simply said, get rid of unattractive disharmonious stuff.  Add only items of value, richness and integrity.  Value, richness and integrity don’t mean expensive; these qualities come at all price points, as does poor quality and bad design.”

 “Being an artist doesn’t mean you can draw; being an artist means you can see.”           Cornell, April, Decorating with Color, Sterling Publications, New York, 2004


ellen b. said...

Oh I really love the end of that quote. I also really enjoy April Cornell fabrics and prints...
Looks like you had lots of inspiring reads on vacation.

Gilly said...

That looks a really useful bag! I always have a pile of books to take away on holiday, though next year I am determined to make them paperbacks. Carrying a big hardback book around the ship on our cruise was a real bind, it weighed down my bag so. I have to wear bags slung round my neck and shoulder, or I haven't got a hand free, and heavy things are very tiring.

What is a holiday for if you can't read??

Linda (Nina's Nest) said...

Cute bag, and some good advice. Thanks also for the suggestion about using the French print behind the cow - great idea! Linda

Sea Glass Painter said...

In the years I taught Art, I loved this phrase..."Art is learning to see". So thankyou for your post and I can
tell that I'd enjoy your reading list. Holly we have just moved to Scotland of all places....we are living in a little
village called Crail. Artists come and set up easels and
paint our home, and our pokes all my beauty
buttons! I met an artist the other day and I liked what she said to me........I'm a "maker" - I am happiest when I've something in my hands. I hope to get back to my work once I've gotten us settled. Scott has taken a teaching position at St. Andrews University. :)

Anneliese said...

Oh.. I like that last quote .. seeing as I can't draw ... but I can see!