Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Winter Reveries/Revelries

Except for a couple short little posts I haven’t been writing much this winter.  Normally I would say that winter is the best ever time for writing and thinking poetic thoughts, but I have been preoccupied this winter. (That is, OCCUPY HOLLY has been going on here in Portland).12-01-06-01-12-59H 12-01-06-01-12-44H 12-01-05-22-51-30H Movie night with the girls

I know it is considered boring to tell people how busy you’ve been, but at the risk of bad etiquette I feel a need to say:

I had a trip to Washington, DC, to use my frequent flier (I wish) miles before they expired (because I hardly ever really do fly anywhere) and incidentally to see my ADORABLE grandson and sweet daughter and  son-in-law.12-01-14-14-52-21H 12-01-14-13-36-26H Arlington National Cemetery

I rushed home just in time to get the house ready for a double baby shower for a daughter and daughter-in-law who were both expecting girl babies. The shower was hosted by another daughter and I was a “consultant” and “site manager”. 12-01-23-09-58-30H12-01-22-16-46-15H 12-01-22-17-18-47H Emily and Nichole preparing for girl cousins

The day before the shower, my sister arrived from Denver to spend a week with me clearing out my mother’s closets and book shelves, her awesome hat collection and costume jewelry collection and…let’s face it: my mother was a collector.  My dad wanted pictures taken of her things before we parted with them, and we made a bibliography of her books which dated back to her English Lit major college days. 12-01-23-18-44-23H My sister Gretchen modeling one of Mom’s hats

Our daughter arrived for a 2 week visit with our grandson.12-02-08-09-53-53H 12-02-08-10-02-44H   Then a dear friend was having a BIG birthday and  I pulled out my tea cups and table cloths and silver and we partied, girl style.  Fun!  Work! (I would do this more often if I had a cleaning lady or were a better housekeeper myself).12-02-04-15-30-58R    12-02-04-16-15-17H Our DARLING granddaughter arrived (the same day as the tea party, of course).  We are so thrilled with this precious new little life.  12-02-05-00-34-45H Tillie’s first bath

I had a long weekend at the beach with old longtime friends. 12-02-18-10-28-14H Whipped foam at Pacific City

I was/am teaching the women’s Bible study each week at my church, which seems to take a lot of study time.

This past week I have had 3 dental appointments including an extraction.  I’m not getting older: I’m getting more expensive.

And the odd little other things that come up, like food and friends and lending a helping hand and taking a finance class (for which I have homework due. On which I should be working. But I have always been more attracted to words than numbers).


Remember my “word for the year”, "sweeten up" ? Look what I found! A gentle reminder!

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ellen b. said...

You look as busy as I've been with so many great things to celebrate. Your grandson is a cutie! How sweet to welcome 2 little girls into the world. Congratulations...