Saturday, April 6, 2013

Quilt Show


Yesterday I went to the Clark County (Washington) Quilt Show on my day off.  As I expected, it was inspirational and clarifying.  I realized that, as much as I enjoy quilts and the artistry and stories behind them, I do not want to be a quilter.  What a relief to admit this!  I had this “aha” moment driving home on the freeway, that there is too much precision and repetition required for me to enjoy doing this and I would go nuts in short order.  I love the idea of it.  I love the fabric.  I love the embellishments some people bring to it, and I am amazed that some quilters can bring such freedom  and flair to a normally static and regulated project.13-04-05-13-32-48H


These are not your grandmother’s quilts!


I love those, too, but that is a different story.  I will show you my grandmother’s quilts on another day.

The theme was “Red and White—Quilter’s Delight” and a lot of entrants had accepted the challenge to use only red and white fabrics.







Some of them wrote that the first thing they did was head out to the fabric store and find as many ‘reds’ as they could.  Others said they determined to use only what was already in their stash.  And some quilters had responded to  themes from other challenges, such as illustrating a favorite book.



Some had patterns they had been building up courage to try, and some wanted to whittle down their fabric supply (there has to be an easier way!) Some quilts celebrated an anniversary


or a special trip,


and some exhibitors were just celebrating being done with a square-by-square project that had taken years and years.  Some people devised their own challenges, such as a woman using only  plaids from her existing fabric supply.


Some wanted to bring levity to the limiting red and white challenge.


Each quilt was its own victory of artistry



and patient endurance (my disposition is showing here, that I am thinking of it as a trial….) But patient endurance attaineth to all things and this quilt show is the proof.















As a footnote, I will add that I carried a handmade quilted purse on my outing which was made for me by my dear friend. I just love it!


Several quilters stopped to admire it and I was happy to show it off.  The top closing has metal measuring tape inserted which makes it snap shut.  Its a new trick.

Next weekend is the BIG quilt show in Portland with many more quilts.  I don’t know if I have the strength to go!


ellen b. said...

Oh my...these are amazing. I'm with you on confessing that quilting is not for me. I do appreciate the quilters and their quilts, though.

Anonymous said...

Hey miss Holly! Thank you for sharing your blog! How do I subscribe??

What show is coming up? Can't believe that I missed this one! Such gorgeous quilts!

Thank you for the lovely pictures and the fabulous commentary.

Love ya! :-)

Gilly said...

Those quilts are absolutely astounding! But quilting is definitely not for me - I don't even like sewing! Used to make clothes for my daughter when she was little, and mine too sometimes, but that was out of necessity!

But I have to admire enormously those quilters who can make such beautiful and intricate quilts.

Connie said...

What an array of beautiful work! Oh my, they are stunning. I have sisters and a daughter who quilt. I do not and am happy that I do not! I can admire all their beautiful work, and go in and out of quilt stores and never feel the need to buy anything. :)

bj said...

OOO, I am sooo like you. I appreciate the art of making mom made some beauts...but it would drive me insane to TRY making those fancy ones. I made a plain block quilt for ea of my 10 grands several yrs ago...but it took me a solid year and there was nothing to those quilts. It was fun choosing cute fabrics for them...and I loved making the TOPS ....but when it came to quilting on my 1950 Singer sewing machine, I just about lost it. :))

Charlene Precious said...

Gorgeous quilts! :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)