Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Camping at Trillium Lake


We have just returned from a few days of camping with some of our kids.  The really great thing is that they suggested we go camping, they looked for the campsite, and they planned the main meals.  I love this stage of life, having grown up kids! 

Time was short, so they wanted a place not too far from home.  The really great thing about where we live is that in half an hour you can be in the woods and in an hour you can be in the mountains.  Campground reservations were all filled up except for a few first-come-first-served spots.  Brett and Nichole headed out on Wednesday and found a wonderful lakeside spot at Trillium Lake.  We didn’t go until Thursday night and it was dark when we arrived, so I didn’t realize we were right on the lake until the next morning.

After an unseasonably warm summer to date, wouldn’t you know that the first chilly and overcast day in weeks would be our camping trip!  The first night we huddled around the fire comforting ourselves with s’mores  and wood smoke.  Tech Guy went to blow up the air mattress only to discover that he had brought the twin size one by mistake!  He chivalrously slept on the car blanket on the tent floor (in his sleeping bag, of course.) The air leaked out of the air mattress anyway.  We froze during the night!  I kept waking up because my feet were freezing and he said he didn’t sleep a wink.  I had rhythmic breathing evidence to the contrary.  During the night the grandbaby cried and her Daddy took her out walking.

In the morning this is what I found:


Tech Guy had abandoned ship and was sleeping in the car. 

I got my camera out and went exploring, discovering the lake beside us.






After a while, people roused and had breakfast. Tillie here is sinking lower and lower but still has 2 spoons going for her oatmeal:




Then Brett and I walked around the campground, foraging for wood left behind by other campers fleeing the weather.  Tillie is having her bottle in the backpack after which she fell asleep.




Not too many canoes out on the lake in the morning, but as the day warmed up the lake got busier.


Just before we left our house, the mail brought a book I had ordered from an artist/blogger whom I so enjoy: Susan Branch!  I had ordered it in April or May before it was even completed and sent to the publisher, and it arrived just in time for me to take camping.  (It is an illustrated journal of her trip to England last spring/summer via the Queen Elizabeth II.  Title:  A Fine Romance ~ Falling in Love with the English Countryside.  )


My copy is autographed =)


Before I could get very deep into my book, a walk around the lake was proposed.

A few intrepid fishermen are out there now…





and Tech Guy…

and a photographer…



Even the ducks are huddled for warmth!

Some hardier souls went swimming:



In the marshy areas there is a wooden walkway:



Back at the campsite, I started my new Maeve Binchy, A Week in Winter, her final book, published posthumously.  I am very sorry not to have the hope of more stories from her! I have really enjoyed her Irish storytelling.

(We are conserving wood for the evening fire; at the campground, small bundles are $8.00.  Fortunately Ron and Evan brought in more bundles from town later in the day.)




After a lovely evening of s’mores and wine at the campfire we had a wonderful night of sleep.  No one woke up or cried or snored or had frozen toes.  And then in the morning we woke up to SUNSHINE!  BLUE SKIES!  MT. HOOD!


The morning mist was just dissipating when I got up.


But there were fishermen already at work:







We had to leave our campsite early because it was adjacent to the amphitheater which was reserved for a wedding that day.  We were happy for the bride and groom to have  sunshine on their special day and for their guests not to freeze. It was a beautiful setting for a wedding if you don’t mind an occasional fisherman floating past…




Another use for chalkboard paint:


After a farewell tour at the Day Use Area, we headed for home after lunch at the Tollgate Inn with the kids.



A common child-rearing principle is to “stop (the activity) while you’re still having fun”.

I personally find this hard to do, leaving something when it’s just so good. 


ellen b. said...

What a beautiful spot that is! I always enjoy seeing photos of other people camping. Glad you could have a wee break out in God's creation!

LM said...

Looks beautiful! After my first camping weekend with kids, I realize that I am forever indebted to you and Dad for all those happy camping memories. I don't remember the work to pack up and go, the sleepless nights, or being cold and wet even once!

Gilly said...

What a wonderful place to camp! And some stunning photographs to show us envious folk what it is like! Our camping days are long gone, but I do enjoy seeing other people still able to do it in beautiful places!

Nichole said...

finally read the blog! You got some great pictures! We had so much fun and can't wait to do it again next year, with even more people and better weather:) And you're welcome for that second restful night. I was up nursing all night long to keep the little one quiet! Not quite so restful for mama;)