Sunday, August 9, 2009

What a girl needs

I was meant to drive a way better car. That's what the greeting card said and I knew it to be true. I didn't care about the curly-haired dog sitting in the front seat, ears flying back. I didn't care about the fins on the back of the car. No.

But it was a convertible. And that's just what a girl like me needs, the wind blowing my hair back and the scented air swirling around me.

I need to feel the sky come down to touch my shoulders. I need to raise my eyes to the distant hills unfettered by metal and chrome. I need to hear the music of the land as I roll past. I need to sing as big as all the earth.A girl like me needs a convertible.

So my cool brother Steve comes and takes me for a convertible ride.


Steven said...

We have had lots of fun, Holly. Thanks!!

Hollace said...

And thank you, Steven, for the convertible ride to the beach on Monday. What a great last fling of summer, sea and wind and stars and clam chowder! You are so generous with me!