Monday, May 24, 2010

A weekend outing

For my birthday/Mother’s Day, daughter and son-in-law L&A gave me a wonderful getaway to a bed-and-breakfast in Parkdale, at the foot of Mt. Hood. 

Saturday morning we drove east through the Columbia River Gorge, always a delight.  We stopped at Crown Point and reviewed the history of making the highway through the gorge, complete with tunnels and bridges, and we took pictures, as always.  10-05-22-09-31-02H






The forecast for Parkdale and Portland was dismal, dismal and more dismal, so I was grateful for every moment I wasn’t actually getting dripped on.  As it turned out, we actually had sunbreaks and saw Mt. Hood in the afternoon.

We drove along this remarkable stretch of highway which must have a blog of its own one day.  The waterfalls and stone walls are wonderful. 10-05-22-10-25-19R The Queen Anne’s Lace was blooming abundantly, heads the size of dinner plates.


We stopped at the historic Columbia Gorge Hotel for lunch.  We had stayed there twenty years ago and it was lovely to be there again, just as charming.


10-05-22-11-26-10R The view from our table ^


We walked in the gardens there:

10-05-22-12-15-25R 10-05-22-12-07-47R 10-05-22-12-13-12R 10-05-22-12-12-26R 10-05-22-12-17-18R 10-05-22-12-21-02R 10-05-22-12-18-31R 10-05-22-12-17-33R

Then we headed into Hood River for some antiques shopping.  Alas, we found no antiques but we did find a book store to support.  I bought Ifferisms an anthology of aphorisms by Dr. Mardy Grothe because I had written a college paper on the subject and it seemed quite amusing.  And a beautiful children’s book, of course.


 10-05-22-12-57-56H 10-05-22-12-57-23H 10-05-22-14-12-23H

Our money still in our pockets, we headed to Parkdale through the miles of apple and pear orchards.  Hood River orchards provide 75% of the nation’s pears, I learned.

10-05-23-10-30-03R 10-05-22-15-18-47H Our suite was the O’Keeffe (Georgia) suite, and on the door her quote was “It was June before I needed blue”, which amused me.  I had just seen the new movie on O’Keeffe which addressed some of the complexities of being an artist and a wife both, and raised questions in my mind about the nature of fame in art circles, so it was invigorating to be surrounded by her colors and prints in a cozy environment.

A cheesecake was on the table in our room when we arrived!  At 6PM a fondue tray with breads and fruits arrived.

It was so lovely to sit and read with no street noise, no telephone or cells, no voices asking for anything.  Just quiet.  Just reading together, Popsy rubbing my feet.  Later on, I took a nap.  On purpose: not one of those dozing off in the chair naps.  The kind where the absolute peace and lack of agenda calls you to stretch out across the bed sideways with an afghan and just close your eyes.  Mmmm.


From our windows you could see Mt. Hood, and doesn’t it look good considering the “dismal” forecast?10-05-23-08-43-59H

Bouquet on our table from the yard.  Love those shadows!10-05-23-08-43-21H

Not so fuzzy with a flash, but no shadows, either.

After breakfast the next morning we dallied in the garden.  I enjoyed our innkeeper’s umbrellas:



In Mary’s garden:

10-05-23-10-48-54H 10-05-23-10-51-52H 10-05-23-10-51-45H 10-05-23-10-51-07H 10-05-23-10-49-52H

And as we came around Mt Hood on our way home, guess what we saw!

10-05-23-11-32-11H 10-05-23-11-30-52H

Can you see the snow flying onto the windshield?  It’s May 23, for pity sakes.



And so we leave this mini-adventure with some tales untold and with hearts full of rest and peace.  A lovely inn, a lovely innkeeper,  an indulgent husband, and 2 wonderful kids who sent me out to see the world.  Thank you!


Gilly said...

That looks a fantastic trip! And what a beautiful part of the world! I would just love to see it. My days of walking across wild parts are gone, I'm afraid, but with views like that I could happily stay put somewhere!

Drenda Howatt said...

Oh Holly! It sounds like you had a most wonderful get-away. When it is time for me to be celebrated, I shall send my children to Lindsay and Arthur for advice~

Connie said...

What fun stops you made. Loved all the pictures.You brought your trip to us and I loved all the flowers and scenery. You lure us away from our work and make us think it is time for a vacation just like yours.

Diane said...

Your pictures are great and tell a great story of your weekend.... Its great to have kids that will set up get-aways for you....Steven sent us the the Grand Canyon one year. what a great memory..even in the rain.. I love the unbrellas.....

aallquist said...

i wish i could have been with you guys :) next time take me!

Linda (Nina's Nest) said...

Wow - gorgeous scenery and pics! Thanks also for your very kind thoughts on my MIL. Linda

Lindsay said...

I'm so glad you liked it. Miss you.

Debbie said...

Thanks for sharing such great photos!
I feel as if I went on holidays with you guys too!
Can I come again, next time... Please?Lol