Sunday, August 22, 2010

Camping in Central Oregon

We left on a Sunday and came back on a Sunday. We left in a flurry of activity and somewhat disorganized and came home to a flurry of activity and housekeeping chaos. But in between, a week of smelling wood smoke in camp fires and roasting hot dogs and having open-ended conversations with our friends and card games that picked up the next morning after breakfast… That’s why we go camping. Even though it is a lot of work –from getting the sites reserved to planning the meals to setting up camp—when else do we actually set up a hammock and relax in it? What other week in the year can DH read 3 books in a row? For me, though, camping is always getting just ‘right’ when we have to pack up and go home.

Here are some pictures from our camping trip at Pelton Park on the Deschutes River in Central Oregon:


In the early morning the lake was mirror-still, but soon after 8 AM the wind brought motion, and then the boats created wakes.10-08-04-07-05-35R Our first tent site was unfortunately on a slope… 10-08-02-09-40-43H

I loved this red canoe 10-08-02-09-40-53H 10-08-02-09-41-16H 10-08-02-09-43-03H The fish cleaning station, not that we needed it but I thought it was kind of cute, like a dollhouse only stinkier.


Emily and Amanda enjoying a siesta. 10-08-06-09-08-16H

Between rounds of Hand-and-Foot with friends Rick and Ginny and their son Jerod. 10-08-06-18-46-28H Later on, ‘Smores for dessert.

10-08-06-19-54-10H Guy talk10-08-05-10-48-53H 10-08-06-11-11-28H 10-08-06-13-46-25R Huck Finn and friends heading to the river (Brett, Nichole, Amanda) (and Shelby, my granddog)10-08-05-07-15-33H 10-08-05-07-28-00H Swimming hole in the early morning. The land across the water is Indian reservation land.



An evening boat ride, no mosquitoes but no fish, either

10-08-06-19-54-19H Girl talk10-08-07-18-48-38H

Leaving the high plateau of central Oregon, the dry and HOT climate, we head home to the land of evergreen forests and mountain passes in the Willamette Valley. We go around Mt Hood.


One more camping trip this summer, at the Oregon Coast. I am determined to be organized and free-to-be fun-loving from the moment we get there! No wasted leisure moments.


Gilly said...

That looks a wonderful trip! And a beautiful place! Oregon looks really interesting - don't hear a lot about it in the UK, and I always have to look on a map to make sure where it is, but I envy you living there!

And I love those hammocks!!!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I am so not a camper (was forced to do to much hard core camping as a kid) but this looks so lovely and peaceful. Love the red canoe.

Flower said...

What a great camping trip you had! The camp site looked organized to me!
The wedding was in Albany at Yellow Gold Farm. They have it all!!