Sunday, August 15, 2010

Neskowin Gardens and Beach


10-07-27-10-38-40H 10-07-27-10-39-14H 10-07-27-10-39-30H 10-07-27-10-39-53H   10-07-27-10-36-54H 10-07-27-10-37-25H 10-07-27-10-37-52H 10-07-27-10-38-40H

10-07-27-11-05-21H 10-07-27-10-40-19H


  10-07-27-11-07-50H 10-07-27-11-11-54H  10-07-27-11-13-26H

10-07-27-10-17-34R 10-07-27-10-11-18H 10-07-27-10-15-58H 10-07-27-10-16-23H 10-07-27-11-25-33R 10-07-27-11-21-48R 10-07-27-11-22-09R 10-07-27-11-22-28H 10-07-27-11-22-54H




debianne said...

I long to be there....

Gilly said...

Those are lovely photos, Holly. The flowers are so beautiful. And the beach of course. I love the grey driftwood.

Looks a wonderful place to visit.

Steven said...

You are a great photographer, Holly. Each one evokes a feeling for me. I notice that while I recognize the scene in most of the photographs, I would have captured most with an entirely different eye...and it makes me ponder if I would have missed expressing the moment that yours capture. Thanks for freely sharing.