Thursday, June 9, 2011

Give Me Land, Lots of Land, Under Starry Skies Above…

This is the first view we had of the mountains coming into a Denver neighborhood.  They just loom over the town; at first you wonder if they are low-lying clouds.

11-05-13-06-55-08H From my sister’s street in Denver (which they are soon moving from):

11-05-13-07-17-37H   11-05-13-07-16-55H We went on a drive to the mountains where my sister and her husband are rebuilding his family cabin to be their year-round residence.  On the way we saw:





We enjoyed the sunshine, especially because it had snowed in Denver the night before, yes, on May 13!      11-05-13-11-12-25H 

We had started out the day having breakfast with them at their favorite, The Original House of Pancakes.  We laughed when they told us the name because we have The Original House of Pancakes in Portland.  Come to find out, their daughter-in-law has one in Winnipeg, and our brother has one in Maryland.  So we thought they were all fakes.

When we got to the restaurant I found it suspiciously reminiscent of ours in Portland, the cozy knotty pine and dishes on the plate rail.  Sure enough, the menu tied the two together as having the same origin.  They are famous for their Dutch Babies, which I couldn’t resist (Oh, with lemon and powdered sugar they are heavenly!):


Ron and Gretchen had Strawberry Crepes:

11-05-13-08-17-21H   So good to have time with them! 



Then we went up to the mountains for the afternoon, but we had to come back for a birthday celebration in town with my niece, their daughter, who has the very same birthday as I do!

11-05-13-16-50-42H 11-05-13-16-12-28H


Life is good!  So thankful for this short but full time with my sister  and her family and Dad.  We only were with them from Thursday afternoon to Friday night but every moment was full of good things and being together.  Sweet!

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