Thursday, June 9, 2011

Higher and Higher

This blog is dedicated to Gilly who needs to come and see the Rockies herself.

We left Denver on Saturday morning having said our good-byes to the family on Friday night.  Dad chose our route with input from me ;) saying how much I had enjoyed the Red Rock Canyon west of Glenwood Springs a few years back on a train.  I had noticed in narrow spots there was only room for the train, the Colorado River, and a highway which I hoped to traverse some day.  Subsequently, my DH and I drove it, but here was another chance!  A remarkable piece of road.

We were sad about the clouds going up into the mountains, afraid that we would miss the views:


But soon the sun broke through: 11-05-14-09-31-26H    


  Coming up to the famous Eisenhower Tunnel:11-05-14-09-36-24H 11-05-14-09-36-35H 11-05-14-09-36-39H


The Eisenhower Tunnel is so named because of his effort to get an interstate highway system.  It is the highest vehicular tunnel in the world, at 11,112 feet elevation.  It is 1.69 miles long which seems like a long ways when you are in it.  It is clean and bright which you can’t tell from my photos taken at 55 mph! Through the windshield, no less.11-05-14-09-37-01H At the summit is Lake Dillon, now frozen over:

        11-05-14-09-51-05HSki runs visible in Vail:11-05-14-10-08-14H  11-05-14-10-15-31H





Many ski condos in Glenwood Springs and Vail:


Coming into the red rock area:


Nice textures:




 11-05-14-11-44-04H 11-05-14-11-44-47H  11-05-14-11-48-01H

11-05-14-11-52-45H 11-05-14-11-49-40H

There is a bike trail running alongside the river below the highway:11-05-14-11-50-00H  The photo below shows the train tracks on the left, the Colorado River, a very small ribbon of bike trail and then the split-level eastbound and westbound lanes of I-70:11-05-14-11-59-19H

I did not “fix” this rock color, I swear.  It was all like this, which is what makes the other photos disappointing.11-05-14-12-06-46H 11-05-14-12-07-19H Impressive clouds; rain in the distance:


The day’s not over yet but it’s time for me to quit.

[I have struggled to move between Windows Live Writer, Picasa 3 for collages, and my original blogger site.  For some reason when I do a collage and post it , it always goes to Blogspot and not Live Writer where I am working.  Can anyone out there help me?]

Now, what shall I make for dinner?


Linda (Nina's Nest) said...

Beautiful post. I love Colorado - beautiful state! Linda

Gilly said...

It looks magnificent, Holly! My hairdresser always goes skiing in Colorado, and I can see why she loves it!

Maybe one day I will get to the Rockies........

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I think you get a "get out of cooking" pass with these images. :)

If you have a chance, please stop by my blog and enter my giveaway.

Happy Monday!

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