Sunday, May 24, 2009

More Memorial Day Thoughts and Pix

First, some pictures from my friend Janis' house. She really loves to celebrate with decorations. You should see her Christmas collections (and maybe you will =)!

Can you believe she put a fake pie out at my birthday lunch? Isn't that a tease!

Thank You, Janis, for your delightful spirit and sharing.

I really appreciate the comments from all on my last blog concerning the flag. (It is not at all limited to Americans, Gilly; your own country's flag history and meaning is very interesting. Comments from the Provinces are welcome as well.)

I have just noted over time how our "manners" concerning the flag have changed. Perhaps because of 2 very unpopular wars we have become more shaken within our country, whereas with WWII people's hearts and minds were more united against the atrocities in Europe and Japan. There was a reverence for country that our younger generations don't seem to have. (How do we teach that?) I don't know if we'll ever see those days again. (I hope I'm not going to sound like one of the old-timers who say, "Back in the good old days, we......")

I want to correct any false impression I gave of the individuals with differing opinions at our family dinner discussion. True, one side of the family has had time in the military partly out of a sense responsibility and partly to earn higher education or economic stability. But I have a brother who is a pacifist and worked intentionally to defend those views before a court during the Vietnam era. He did alternative service which also took a toll, and I admire him for his dedication to his convictions which have been life-long. Another nephew has been serving with a peace-keeping group in Iraq and Palestine, walking school children to their schools and homes, carrying not guns but cameras as their weapons of truth.

I myself hate war. Who in their right mind doesn't? Who would want to destroy another human being who is following his military leader's commands just as well. I wrote a poem about the insensible things that divide us this spring, see Brother to Brother,. There are some things worth going to war for but not as many as we think. I refer to the ethnic cleansings in Africa and even the gang wars right here at home. What are we thinking? The essence of true religion is to love one another.

I have profited from the sacrifices of so many who have gone before, both leading our country and following, too, out of respect for the governing principles. I am so appreciative of those who not only gave their lives or have served in the military but also those who serve sacrificially to be strong honest employees and hard workers for our government's sake. THANK YOU!


Anonymous said...

This day is somber for us (John suffers from a chronic medical condition related to his time in Vietnam), and I think we'll make a point to go to the Vietnam Memorial for a quiet reflective walk. It's sad there isn't another way to resolve conflict, that we haven't learned more civilized ways to work through differences. Thanks for your thought provoking blog posting.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous author: Pam Belgarde :) (Don't know exactly how to do this ?!)

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