Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tales from Tunisia

Last October, 2008, we had an amazing trip to see our daughter who is teaching school in Tunis, Tunisia. The real purpose was to meet the young man who had won her heart. He won ours, too, and they now plan a July wedding. (Our trip also included 5 marvelous days in Paris staying with a delightful young couple. The young woman had been an exchange student in our home a few years ago, but that is the subject of a different blog!)
Lindsay and Arthur had all kinds of activities planned for us, from seeing Roman ruins to shopping in the bazaars in Hammamet and Nabeul. It is there that our story takes us... Lindsay and I shopped tirelessly. My strategy was to look over everything once and then go back for the treasures I wanted most. We looked at fabrics, tiles, pottery, jewelry. But the men folk weren't so hardy. Ron found a place to hide from the sun in the shelter of a shopkeeper who was a George Foreman afficiando and thought that all Americans would be. (Ron allowed him his illusions for the shade).
Meanwhile Arthur was flagging and Lindsay warned that if we wanted to have a fun evening it was time to quit shopping! It's good to know your man.
So we hurried away leaving behind treasures because of my indecisiveness!

Fast forward to March, 2009. Emily and John went to visit their sister and her fiance in Tunis. Guess what the 2 couples sent home to me! A pierced bowl just like the one I had admired months before. Isn't it beautiful, and aren't I a lucky mom, to have such great kids? It's so pretty with the pears in it, I hated to eat them.
I love it and my kids too!

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Hootin' Anni said...

...and such a beautiful bowl, too!!!! What a treasure.

My Show N Tell this week, is laser crystal art. Come on over if you can find time. Happy Friday.

Smilingsal said...

I see so much that I'd like to buy. You're going to have fun planning that wedding. Thank you for sharing.

Julie said...

I saw so many things in your pictures that I would of loved! What a wonderful trip!!!
Have a blessed Friday..julie

Gilly said...

Oh wow! What a gorgeous colourful place! I'd have made straight for the material, and all those lovely tiles. Wonderful!

Sarahlcc♥ said...

Happy Birthday, Hollace, may you have many happy returns of the day!

I enjoyed looking at your pictures of adventures in Tunisia. I love perusing the markets ~ I wouldn't have been able to decide either. I'm glad they sent you a pierced bowl similar to the one you had admired!

Rowan said...

These photos brought back lovely memories for me, I've been to both Hammamet and Nabeul and have been in those shops! How lovely that you finally got the dish that you admired. Will e-mail you tomorrow, I haven't forgotten:)

Emily said...

You got lots of great pictures in the markets. I guess I was so focused on the shopping that I forgot to capture the moments on film! :)

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