Thursday, April 1, 2010

California Cavorting

Our first morning in California I woke to this:10-03-22-08-17-29H

a cloudless, blue sky! I hadn’t seen one of those in forever, it seemed, and boy, did it make my spirits soar.

After my tea on the deck (can you imagine!) and the girls’ morning computer and cartoon time, we went into the burgeoning town of Windsor which is actually a cute new tourist trap town, shops of candles, candy, and cards. Blech. But, pretty.10-03-22-10-31-45H 10-03-22-11-34-24H


Since it was such a beautiful day we decided to head to the nearest beach, only 25 minutes away. It was so cold and windy there we only stayed long enough to watch a kite surfer and notice the beach flora. It was really, really windy to chase us back into the car!

Beach Flora:

10-03-22-14-09-41H 10-03-22-14-08-46H


The black dot is the kite; the surfer is in the waves.

10-03-22-14-32-42H Then we headed north a ways to the Russian River10-03-22-14-41-58H10-03-22-14-41-53H

Contented California Cows on the Russian River:


California Poppies, wild and wonderful

We came home to supper and a bit of pool play.


Tomorrow morning we’re off to see the city with the Golden Gate.

Until then…

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Steven said...

You put such a nice story together with your pics and all, Holl-babes. Never would have thought to take a picture of the blue sky, but it was perfect, and conveyed a feeling, since you talked about it. Incredible.

Hollace said...

Thank you, Steven. You're nice.

Tracy said...

The pictures of the Russian River are beautiful.

Autumn said...

I like the cows. =)

Jemit said...

Pictures of water are always refreshing.. but that blue sky.. wow!

Rebecca said...

I was drawn to the cows (as if I didn't see enough of them) but all were great. I really loved the top picture, which is funny, but the absence of everything kinda... worked! :-)

Full of Grace said...

You did a great job! loved all that blue sky, it makes me so happy! :)

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