Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden

Last time I showed you the darling buds of May.  Today you will get to see the Big Mamas in the garden.10-04-11-15-10-14R 10-04-11-14-18-33R  10-04-11-14-30-56R 10-04-11-15-05-15R 10-04-11-14-18-23R 10-04-11-13-54-31R 10-04-11-14-03-01R 10-04-11-14-07-51R 10-04-11-14-11-21R


Just to show you the real size, I put my 6’5” husband into the photo so you can get the idea.

I hope you enjoyed the stroll through the garden with me.

Happy Spring.


joanny said...


I like the last picture because it amazed me too the large size of that Rhondie when I was walking down that pathway-- some of the old gardens here in Oregon have some wonderfully large rhodie's that have become graceful trees. It breaks my heart when I see someone buy up the old homestead and tear out the old garden plants.


Lindsay said...

Dad looks so nice next to the rhodie. Missing you! Love, Lindsay

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