Friday, April 23, 2010

Red in my Kitchen

This week’s photo theme is red and I had no trouble finding it. My happiest sighting was at the grocery store when I saw that beautiful, red tomatoes are down to $.98/lb. What a relief after the damaged crops drove prices up for a while. 10-04-23-15-02-54H 10-04-23-15-03-39H

They smell as good as they look!

In my cupboard I have the beautiful saffron that my daughter brought from the market in Africa in this red-lidded jar.

10-04-23-15-07-48H10-04-23-15-07-06H Also, since I do love red and it is my “happy” color, I have over my kitchen sink little red treasures:



Below is the last piece of notepaper I have from some of my mother’s that I loved as a child. The back of the note card reads:
“One of the few extravagances of the thrifty Pennsylvania Dutch housewife was her treasured dishes and glassware. Seldom used, they were ‘just for pretty’ and many choice pieces had come down to her from her mother or grandmothers. Gaudy Dutch, Spatterware, Sgraffito, Lustre and glass in many patterns and colors were proudly displayed in her gaily decorated Dutch cupboard for all to admire.” Yorkraft, York, Pa. Set 36


When Popsy and I traveled in Nova Scotia we visited a flour mill that had the words below on brown paper tacked up beside their door. I was charmed by the saying (a meal garner is a pantry—but you knew that) and made tags for the gift bags of flour we’d brought home. [“May the mouse never leave your meal garner with a tear in its eye”]

I got this little apron at Target on Christmas. Intended to be a tree ornament, it made more sense on my kitchen wall.


And what kind of kitchen wouldn’t have a can of Tomato Soup in it? This picture reminds me of Andy Warhol with drama.


As a matter of fact, I am wearing a red sweater today as I type this. No surprise there. I have three, at least.

For more red sightings, go to Rebecca’s here:
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Have a great weekend, all of you!



Shelbz said...

Love photo number 1 of the cherry tomatoes. Awesome lighting.

Steven said...


Gilly said...

Are they cherry tomatoes, looked bigger to me? But lovely phboto, anyway.

And I love all your little red treasures!

Terri said...

I love tomatoes as well as your first photo. Vine ripened tomatoes are $2.99 per lb. around here so you got a great price!

Tracy said...

I like the Dutch saying. Too bad their pretty dishes were seldom used though. That's what pretty dishes are for!

Anonymous said...

those are beautiful things. I love the Pennsylvania Dutch items, they are lovely.
That colour red is very pretty. That little apron is very cute too.
Have a great weekend !!

Jemit said...

I nearly took a shot of all of my Campbell's soups- we save the labels for equipment for schools, so we pretty much only buy Campbells if we buy the soups. Beautiful job!!

Becky said...

Tomatoes! I have not bought any tomatoes in ages, they are running so expensive. Isn't red a fun color? It makes you happy and energetic no matter what.

Hollace said...

Dear friends, Yes, those are vine ripened full-sized tomatoes. They have been about $2.99/lb here, too, until just this week when they were only $.99! So I bought lots and we have been eating them happily =)

Rebecca said...

ooooooohhhhh~saffron! SO jealous!

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