Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I am thankful for so many things, more than I can mention in one post or think of at one time.  But I was thinking today about my blessings and I decided to name a few of them:

(in no particular order)

1) I am thankful for the delicious smell of the cranberry orange bread which just came out of the oven.

2) I am thankful for my husband saying, “the more, the merrier” about Thanksgiving.

3) I am thankful that we have jobs, his away and mine with teenagers.

4)I am thankful that my house doesn’t leak in the rain.08-12-29-13-12-27H

I’m thankful this is not my house

5) I am thankful for colors, subtle and bold.  What a beautiful world we have, infinite in its variety!

6) I am thankful for each of my children, each delightful and uniquely praiseworthy!  So thankful for them!

7) I am thankful for the wonderful spouses the married kids have; I love everyone of them!

8) I am thankful for my wedding china (random, I know, but I was thinking about how to set the table for tomorrow…)

9) I am thankful that we have 2 international students here for high school this year to help me keep in practice with teenagers.

10) I am thankful for my husband who says, “You can do it”,  “Go for it” even when it means dinner might not happen.

11) For warmth, for food, for shelter, for love: I am truly grateful and I do not take it for granted.  I know I have received much and must share much. 

12) I am particularly thankful that my dad is home from the hospital after having a small heart attack last week.  So glad to have him coming over tomorrow.

Thank You, Lord

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Gilly said...

Holly, that is lovely - and reminds me why I should be more thankful to God than I am! (Well, I am really, I just forget to tell him!)