Thursday, November 18, 2010

Time Out For Tea

IMGI am glad that I was not born before tea”

It was delightful!  A room full of young women who are collegians and student leaders and good humored friends.  They are students at Multnomah University and are the Resident Advisors in the dorm.  My daughter Amanda is the Resident Director and had asked if we might have the girls to “tea”.  They usually have their RA meeting on Tuesday night but for a break they came away from campus to my house for a little treat and a breather.


This 4”x4” magnet is on my refrigerator

Oh, the giggles as they sat around the table and asked each other questions.  When Amanda suggested they each introduce the girl on their right to me, they told such beautiful aspects of the other one’s character qualities.  It was so affirming to hear them go around the table and sincerely share the other’s uniqueness.  One thing these girls have in common is their love for the Lord and they are at Multnomah to study the Bible and grow in their faith as well as their service. 

10-11-16-19-45-48H The Goodies on the Tea Table

I shared with them how easy it is to become overly busy and forgetful of their own need for refreshment in the Lord.  Even seminary students struggle to keep their devotional life going.  I just read the book Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World, by Joanna Weaver, and found it to be very practical and realistic.  Jesus didn’t come to get service, but a relationship.  He desires us, not our agenda.  These girls know what I mean: life is crazy busy sometimes, and they are in the thick of it.  But when we have as a priority spending quiet time with Him, our motivations and pressures have an attitude adjustment.  Then our service follows our faith and doesn’t drive it.

Amanda made phyllo tarts and teapot scones and Almond Roca bars.  I made Chocolate-Mint Brownies and toffee bars and Danish Puff  almond pastry and individual cheesecakes.  We had mixed nuts and four kinds of tea, loose leaf, of course, to be proper! 

10-11-16-19-44-56H 10-11-16-19-56-24H Amanda explaining the teas

10-11-16-19-45-37H 10-11-16-19-46-05H 10-11-16-19-55-31H

The Girls


10-11-16-22-01-57HMe, wearing the apron my sister-in-law, Kris, embroidered for me a few years ago.  It has 2 teacups, one with the flower of the month for my birthday (May, Lily-of-the-Valley) and one with my anniversary month (September, Morning Glory).

10-11-16-22-01-57H   I love it !   

“Take some more tea”, March Hare said to Alice very earnestly.”I’ve had nothing yet”, Alice replied in an offended tone, “so I can’t take more.”  “You mean you can’t take less,” said the Hatter: “it’s very easy to take more than nothing.”


aallquist said...

i love it! can't wait to share it with the girls!!!

Heather Ziebart said...

Thanks for having us over Mopsy! It was a blessing for you to shower us and share your life. -Heather