Friday, November 19, 2010

Your Thanksgiving Table?

Just for fun I am sharing this helpful hint found in my local newspaper recently:

IMG_0001 Is this how your dinner table looks?

Personally, I am THANKFUL when I don’t have too many dishes to wash, and I see no purpose whatsoever in chargers (okay, they’re pretty).  In our family, we use knife, fork and spoon, and I serve the dessert fork on the dessert plate so it isn’t used prematurely to poke at the melting candle wax, for instance, and thus be sent back to the kitchen dirty before dessert is even served!  Best not to have too many options beforetimes.

I do enjoy a pretty table and like to make an arrangement which is inspiring in its loveliness but doesn’t make it too difficult to see the person across the way and doesn’t use up valuable space needed for food!  The food is the true beauty at the Thanksgiving table for my family—all that bounty! 

I am looking forward to having the family together this year, at least the ones that can be.  Some are in Africa, some are with the in-laws, and so we’ll miss them.  But Dad and my brothers and their families and some of our kids will gather here for turkey and all the other things that spell Thanksgiving in the United States.

Most importantly, we are grateful for the many blessings, the sustenance of the past year, and the promise of the future.

Happy Thanksgiving at your house!

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