Sunday, October 2, 2011

One Heart, Many Loves


 In high school art classes I did the calligraphy for this bit of philosophy: ”There is love and there is art but a man has only one heart.”  (Author forgotten). I didn’t like it then and I still don’t want to agree, but it festers.  I want to have it all.  Why can’t I have it all?

Finding a balance in my life has always been a difficulty for me.  I tend to throw myself into projects which become all-consuming until the event is over or the deadline is met.  Back in the days when I was event planning for the women’s conferences and banquet decorating, my creative side took over and now, in hindsight, I think I short-changed my family.  Over time, a desire to take care of my aging parents and the extended family and the household improvements and my Bible study group and my writing group and my book club—not all at once, mind you—with an occasional holiday dinner thrown in, overcame my creative performance self which got buried somewhere under the laundry and the dirty dishes.

Not that there was anything wrong with what I was doing.  All those things are part of my heart, my Self, too.  Its just that I’ve had a longing to be expressing something else along with managing everything else.  The way I go at things tends to support this unlikable quote, that a man has only one heart, at least at a time.

So to redress the balance I am taking an online course “Creative Courage” taught by Stephanie Levy and her artist friends.  This week we have explored many facets of our creative drive and vision and goal setting.  I have had some revelations but I can’t just go off in a gypsy caravan to follow them, appealing as that sounds.  What I need is to find a way to incorporate my creativity into the circumstances of my life, and control some of the distracting circumstances.

Hence this picture.  I am trying to turn my dreaming  into doing.  The scales show the dreaming (in the clouds) to be light weight and the work of doing (with necessary tools) to be more significant.  The clock represents a sort of time management which seems to be in competition with the free flowing  artistic spirit of the vines.  This is where I am now.  I think I’ve been fighting this battle since high school.

I want it all.  I just have to figure out how to get it all in.


kristen said...

Hollace, I love your post and LOVE the scale and the idea of balance. That quote sure gives me a lot to think about...I don't know though, I think my heart is big enough to do it all, or at least try my darndest! I admit, though sometimes it seems some parts of my life may go a bit untended at times but it amazingly does seem to balance out! Anyway, love your post and your piece! xokp

Yvonne said...

I LOVE the drawing, it's beautiful! & I'm with you - it's hard to fit everything you would like to do within the confines of the amount of hours in a day... The best you can do is try - try your darndest, as Kristen says :)

The way I see it, Art is Love and Love is Art. Maybe the forgotten author is saying - it all comes from the same place - the heart? He's got a crooked way of wording it, but you COULD look at it like that :)

stephanie levy said...

Dear Holly,
I know it is hard - and it is interesting that the question of how to fit it all in come up - because that is exactly what we are going to address in the course this week!

I don't pretend to have all of the answers, and I know that there are times in our life when family takes priority - and times when our art gains in importance.

I think it is important not to feel guilty - about making art or not making art - but to try and incorporate it in a joyful, relaxed way into our lives.

It is a great topic you've raised and I look forward to the discussions this week in the course :)


Anonymous said...

Very good conceptual idea with the clock interposed onto a scale. It makes you think!

Art always seemed to be at the bottom of my priority list, too. It's courses like this one that helps us to bring it closer to the top!


Gilly said...

I am full of admiration for your creativity! And I know balancing it all gets very difficult. First we swing one way and then another. Though so long as we do actually swing and don't ignore the "other" side, I don't think it matters.

You go for it!

Anneliese said...

It's good to have dreams and want to do lots... but you are right, we cannot do it all. I have been trying to remind myself to get those things done that have eternal/lasting significance.It helps. I have something to strive for.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Good thoughts...which raise good questions. How do we find that balance in life? I always wish that I had a few more hours each many things I would love to do and not enough time! To find that balance is the key. I like Anneliese's do those things which have lasting significance.

Willow said...

I think you can 'have it all', just 'not all of it all the time.'

I'm glad you are enjoying the class so much!