Friday, October 14, 2011

Van Gogh and Me


Dear friends,  At the risk of having nothing thrillingly important to say I am going to write anyway just so you won’t wipe me off your ‘Blogs I Follow’ List. 

My days have been occupied with 2 major thrusts: teaching a Bible class once a week and taking an  online class  which is called Creative Courage, designed to push us fence sitters into action.  Both of these pursuits are very satisfying and challenging.  Both take more time than I would have guessed.  Both have fully engaged my mind and I have had to deliberately switch from one to the other to keep the delicate balance.  When I was doing my time management plan for this period of life I neglected to factor in things like housework and cooking so my dear techie guy is suffering (but uncomplaining as usual).  The biggest sacrifice he’s making is solving all my computer crises that I’m creating with these new ventures.  There’s so much to learn!! And I don’t even have a website yet.

You wouldn’t believe the caliber of the people in my Creative Courage class.  Many of them have had well developed art backgrounds and have produced works for sale but are at a transition point or in a career quandary of some sort.  These guys would be hugely intimidating if they weren’t so NICE.  But besides their training and experience they are also very tech savvy.  I guess you have to be to market to the online community.  I wonder where Van Gogh would have been if he could have sold his paintings on websites, Etsy, and using Flickr with boosts from Twitter and Facebook.  Maybe he wouldn’t have had to cut off his ear if he’d succeeded in mass selling.  But trying to maneuver through these ‘advantages’ is enough to make me cut off my ear.  I see where he was comin’ from.  I try not to call TG (Tech Guy) at work more than twice a day with my computer crashes and concerns.

My plan for this blog was to show you some photos from a recent little adventure we had, but a friend just called and asked me to meet her at our favorite watering hole. Apparently my plan does have some discretionary time in it because I said YES in a hurry.

I will give you a tantalizing photo for the next blog.11-08-13-15-08-16D


ellen b. said...

I'm intrigued! Blessings...

debianne said...

I looked at your coursework...looks like you'll have an exciting time and learn a lot along the way! What are you studying in your Bible Study? (You need fuel too, ya' know!)
Sounds like you've charted a course and set sail!

Gilly said...

Love the colours of those plants! And where are you going in a flying boat??

Your course sounds fun, but demanding, the best sort really. And I know just how much time can be taken up by preparing Bible Study work!

Hope it all goes really well for you.

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Sounds like you are very busy! Can't wait to hear about your traveling adventure! Hope you are having a great weekend!...hugs...Debbie

Yvonne said...

LOL Holly, you are very funny indeed :)
I'm with you when it comes to all the incredible & nice artists in our class - it's a lovely group, and very inspiring, although at times intimidating indeed ;)
I love your comments on the FB page as well, you have a good sense of humour :) I'll be back here!