Monday, October 24, 2011

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

From Leavenworth we drove northwest to Anacortes, Washington to catch the ferry to Victoria.  I have always loved ferry rides and ones through these San Juan Islands are a favorite. 

trimmed16 While we were in Victoria we  walked everywhere, but one time we rode in one of these darling little taxis we had seen bobbing in the water.  I put the 2 mosaics together just for nautical flavor!


After we arrived in the city and found our place, first we enjoyed our room with a view: 11-08-11-18-29-19R 11-08-11-18-32-49R 11-08-11-18-37-17D 11-08-11-19-12-34D Then we went to find some delectable fish and chips at the famous “Barb’s” which happened to be on the wharf near our unit.11-08-11-19-16-04HThen began several days of walking and talking and enjoying the beautiful city of Victoria.  The sun shone every day and it was even the week of full moon, so life was grand!

Houseboats on the wharf:   11-08-11-19-42-19D 11-08-11-20-21-33D



From our unit it was a lovely stroll around the harbor to the Parliament Building and the Empress Hotel.  (Will and Kate had just stayed there a week or so before.)

11-08-11-20-24-11R 11-08-11-20-26-30D Parliament Building is outlined with white lights year round, making a beautiful sight (which is improved by a tripod, sorry).

11-08-11-20-44-15D   Victoria has flowers and hanging baskets everywhere!11-08-11-20-37-29D

The Empress: 11-08-11-20-43-09R 11-08-11-20-43-52R

11-08-11-20-54-16D 11-08-11-20-54-31H 11-08-11-20-50-03D 11-08-11-20-51-01H 11-08-11-20-51-06D

11-08-11-20-56-23H Ron took this one:11-08-11-20-46-11R 11-08-11-20-53-14D

But tomorrow is another day and we have big plans for it!  So our tired feet took us back to our rooms where we hated to shut our eyes to the views outside…but we did.


ellen b. said...

Oh how lovely! You really got some nice weather days in Victoria! Love all the photos!

debianne said...

I went to college, married a Canadian and lived almost 10 years in Canada! Quite different from say the least!