Thursday, May 31, 2012

Art for the Masses

I was trying to catch up on reading the blogs I follow this morning when I came across this paean to chalkboards :

It reminded me of a picture I had taken in Washington, DC, when overcome with admiration for chalkboard art in the local coffee shop. [ I am really very happy to have a purpose for this photo which has been an odd duck in my photo collection.  Only one family member was humiliated by the taking of this picture. ] For general ambience I show the larger picture:


And then the close-ups:12-01-14-09-04-04H


I have also noticed very fine chalkboard ad/art at Trader Joe’s grocery stores.  At first I assumed that there was an in house art student bagging groceries by day and doing chalkboards by night, but then I went to a different Trader Joe’s and saw the same chalk artist’s work.  So is there a central clearing house for chalkboard artists, I wonder?  And how do they keep up with the daily and weekly ad changes?  Do they work on site?  Is there a union of chalkers?  These questions puzzle me.

Unfortunately, I have no pictures of the vibrant chalk artistry at Trader Joe’s, but next time I go for groceries I’ll take my camera.

To see the blog which prompted my musings, see:


Connie said...

These are amazing. I guess I might have missed the fact that the art was all with chalk. Hmmmm, I go to Trader Joes when I get to the big city - will have to check!

ellen b. said...

I have seen the chalk boards at Trader Joes and other places. Some people have a gift with chalk for sure...

soulbrush said...

Love this too. I think there should be more art on street corners, rather than ugly graffiti scribbled by bored teenagers!

Gilly said...

How unusual! We don't have such colourful things here - usually just boring lists of what's on the menu!