Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Retreat or Advance?

12-04-28-14-35-27H     A few weekends ago Tech Guy and I attended a Leadership Retreat for some area churches.  Author Larry Crabb was the speaker along with several break out groups.  The retreat was held at Eagle Fern Camp, home to many of us summer camp volunteers.

Driving into the camp property this caught my eye:

I walked up the hill for a closer look:





The one good thing about living where there is so much rain is the abundance of moss, the fullness of the creeks running wild this spring, and the green.  Green, refreshing green.

That was all the retreat I needed, a soul moment.


ellen b. said...

I'm a fan of green and moss when it's not on my roof!

Drenda Howatt said...

I love your statement "a soul moment". Oh how we need those moments! More importantly, how we need to recognize them.