Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mom, Apple Pie, and the Flag


I saw this yesterday at the grocery store and thought it was creative packaging and marketing.  I love the symbol of the flag and usually like pictures with flags in them.  Funny, though; I showed this picture to someone else and they saw it as stacks of beer and didn’t notice the flag.

I am not promoting beer here; I am just showing a folk art flag.  I guess beer is right up there now with Mom, apple pie, and the flag. 

Have a safe and healthy weekend celebrating the privileges we have as Americans and remembering those who have sacrificed throughout our history to protect our liberties.  Enjoy getting together with family and friends.  Summer is coming!  One more month of school! 


ellen b. said...

I saw the flag right away and had to look closely to see the logo. That's because it's not my brand of choice LOL...
Happy Memorial Weekend to you!

Willow said...

I noticed the flag first and then giggled when I realized it was beer.
Hapy Memorial Day to you and yours.

Connie said...

Yes! The flag was definitely first! I'll take our flag any way we can get it!

Gilly said...

That is clever packing! And I saw the flag first, even if it isn't my flag! ;)