Monday, September 26, 2011

Orange you glad it’s Fall?

I had fun on Friday pulling out some different things from my cupboards to get a fresh look.  I was really intending to be doing laundry and dishes but I kept getting distracted by fun.  So here are some pictures of the small scale autumnal decorating I’ve done.  I have plans for a Indian corn embellished wreath yet, and some other things, but I really do need to get the clothes out of the washer and into the dryer. 

11-09-24-16-15-34H I borrowed this idea of orange books from the header of Debra @Common Ground.  It was amusing to take books out of their categories and group them by spine color (okay, so I am easily amused).


The books are on an old school desk my son in law gave me. Okay, I admit: it usually looks like this:


11-09-25-13-20-23H   A good friend from Arizona recently visited bringing this vase on the right because when she saw it she “knew it was my colors”.  So right.  As a matter of fact, she gave me the square plate on the left a few years ago from the Portland Ceramics Showcase, where I also purchased the tall vase in the back.  Portland has a wealth of potters and the annual show is always a great treat and temptation, free to get into but costly to leave , in my experience.

In context:

11-09-25-13-20-35H 11-09-25-13-21-20H 11-09-25-13-22-40H The plate rail in the dining room has gone quite wild this season.  Not sure if I can stand the blue for long.  The dark bowl is actually red with black patterning—I brought it home from Tunisia in February.

Just to prove I’m not always garish, I have this oh-so-subtle vignette on the hutch.  The copper bowl is a new acquisition from an antique mall (where I was just going to have coffee, honestly) and it seemed to request the company of other filigree, scroll-y type things.

11-09-25-13-19-53H 11-09-25-13-20-13H I am having an almost irresistible pull toward English transferware these days.  Hold me, hold me back.

Just to finish and get this whole autumn thing out of my system I will show the tables from last Thursdays meeting (which I told you about in the previous blog but without pictures .)11-09-22-08-57-04H 11-09-22-08-56-17H 11-09-22-08-56-32H  11-09-22-08-56-56H The top tablecloth is from Provence, the gift of a French exchange student we had a few years ago.

The bottom cloth and topper is from Cameroon, the gift of my African ‘sister’ whose son married my daughter.

The other two tables are sporting runners which I made up at the 11th hour the night before.

Tomorrow I am starting an online course which I am very excited about.  Creative Courage.  I am hoping that great things will emerge from me as a result and that this blog will be enhanced beyond measure.  [At the moment it is embarrassingly white because in an attempt to update it I erased everything and  didn’t have enough time/energy/ to get it put back together again.]

So tomorrow begins my class and also the preparation in earnest for teaching on Thursday.  I want to pursue The Artist’s Way and do the prescribed Morning Pages. With the other reading I want to do it makes for a very jam-packed sabbatical.  But rich and satisfying.


ellen b. said...

I have quite a thing for English transferware myself. Hard to walk away from it. Enjoy your creativity adventures!

Anneliese said...

Beautiful ceramics! I like the color themed books too!

debianne said...

I love the brown Transferware...I find more and more I am drawn to the brown (I have lots of blue!)

I have taken the Artist Way class twice and both times have loved what I discovered! will find out things you never knew about yourself!!!
I still love the Artist Dates and try to plan one at least monthly!!!

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