Friday, September 23, 2011

Summer Mosaic: “What I Did This Summer”

Today was the first real day of autumn for me.  Bloggers have been talking about ‘that crisp feeling in the air’ for weeks, and tomorrow is the official first day, but today was like the first day of school as my women’s Bible study group started up again. Therefore, my responsibilities kicked in and I was nervous and eager and had a little jumpy tummy just like grade school days. I packed the decorations, the zucchini bread, the new lesson books and the handouts to the car.  Flowers.  Pumpkins.  Indian corn. Squash in all shapes colors and sizes.  Doesn’t that just scream Autumn?

But before I can speak of current things—all the things I should be doing before writing this blog—I want to fulfill that first back-to-school obligation: write a page about WHAT I DID THIS SUMMER.

I already told you about Girls’ Week at Eagle Fern Camp.  That was a big deal for me.  Afterwards, I had a few days’ recovery time to prepare for a camping trip with some of our kids and friends and their kids.  We went to a campground in Central Oregon for the second year in a row and although we had a good time, we want to go elsewhere next year.  Over to the coast.  Where it doesn’t get to 98* in the afternoon.   One day it was so uncomfortable that we actually drove into town to sit in an air-conditioned matinee!

11-08-02-16-22-26H 11-08-02-10-45-07HBut you can’t argue about blue skies and fresh air (with a strong scent of juniper.)      11-08-02-11-33-33H   I was reading April Cornell’s book on decorating with color and was intoxicated by the colors around me:  Fresh fruit,

11-08-03-10-25-34H  11-08-03-10-25-42H   the sage and juniper,



       the local farmlands,  trimmed13

the people,trimmed14

the water,

trimmed15 It was all good.


It was wonderful, in fact. 

Maybe the first camping trip we’ve had that I actually felt relaxed.  I think that’s because the kids have grown up and now they are helpers!  And they know how to make the fun happen.  Yay for grown-up kids!

(Author’s note: due to having way too many photos I consolidated by making collages of some of them.  Not all.  I hear your sigh of relief.)


ellen b. said...

What a great idea for a post. What I did this summer! :0)
Yippee for older children and camping. I hear ya!
It would have to be the coast for me if I'm going to camp. Hope you find a good spot for next year!

Hi, I'm Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh I love the color's April Cornell uses. Here's to a successful summer!

bj said...

O, yes, if it weren't for our grown-up kids and our nearly grown grands, Mr. Sweet and I might NEVER have any fun. :)))

I have searched and searched, trying to find where I got the sweet Moses story. I wish there was a tracking on Google, showing what articles you've searched. So sorry. If I ever do find it again, I'll be sure to let you know.

Gilly said...

You certainly had a great summer! I can smell that juniper - lovely photos!

debianne said...

Love the "What I did This Summer!"
Love those grown up is good!

stephanie levy said...

Love all those colors and that blue sky - I can almost feel the crisp air on my skin! Glad you had a wonderful time :)

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