Tuesday, September 6, 2011

“September Morn”, “Summer’s End”


11-09-02-15-15-40HHow can Summer be leaving when she has just gotten here?  After waiting through the longest, wettest, coldest spring on record for 50+ years, the sun has just come out to play nicely in the past week or so.  It has been beautiful: blue skies and warm but not too hot, and a breeze blowing.  Perfection.  At the very end of August.  Insult to injury that Summer should be so nice just when she’s leaving.

But the forecast here is for a beautiful September.  Lovely: the kids are put back in school and activities have died down and now we can enjoy this loveliness without all the summer commotion.

As another late fling of summer, the dahlias are out in their finery.  I went to the Swan Island Dahlia Festival on the weekend and walked up and down the rows bemused by the names and distinctives of the infinitude of varieties.  So many choices!  So many different kinds of dahlias, let alone colors of each.  Maybe you already knew this.

A couple of the first ones I noticed were named “September Morn” and “Summer’s End” and “October Sky”.  The flowers and the warm sunshine belied the turning of the seasons.11-09-02-14-53-42H 11-09-02-14-52-04H 11-09-02-14-52-19H 11-09-02-14-53-16H 11-09-02-14-53-31H

11-09-02-15-00-36H 11-09-02-14-53-42H 11-09-02-14-55-28H 11-09-02-14-55-54H 11-09-02-14-58-41H

11-09-02-15-06-30H  11-09-02-15-06-16H11-09-02-15-01-50H 11-09-02-15-03-34H 11-09-02-15-08-02H  11-09-02-15-06-30H   

 11-09-02-15-09-26H 11-09-02-15-15-40H 11-09-02-15-19-35H 11-09-02-16-11-55H   11-09-02-16-13-32H  11-09-02-15-21-56H  11-09-02-15-24-33H 11-09-02-15-25-31H 11-09-02-15-21-25H

11-09-02-15-29-41H  11-09-02-15-31-01H 11-09-02-15-31-50H

11-09-02-15-39-07H 11-09-02-15-32-49H 11-09-02-15-36-04H  11-09-02-15-40-48H 11-09-02-15-39-51H

11-09-02-15-54-35H 11-09-02-15-45-24H 11-09-02-15-47-56H 11-09-02-15-48-24H 11-09-02-15-49-14H

11-09-02-16-11-41H 11-09-02-16-02-20H  11-09-02-16-03-59H 


 11-09-02-15-54-35H 11-09-02-15-54-59H 11-09-02-15-57-07H 11-09-02-16-02-20H

11-09-02-16-14-45H   11-09-02-16-13-32H 11-09-02-16-13-53H


11-09-02-16-15-12H  11-09-02-16-19-00H

11-09-02-16-26-32H 11-09-02-16-27-47H

 11-09-02-16-31-49H  11-09-02-16-32-40H 11-09-02-16-36-12H


If you would like to see their catalogue, phone 1-800-410-6540 or go to www.dahlias.com

Have a wonderful September!


debianne said...

Lovely and refreshing. After spending the hottest and driest summer on record there is nothing green and my plants are crispy! Hoping this fall I can plant something to enjoy! Thank you for the beautiful pictures.

ellen b. said...

How very beautiful. Dahlias are such happy flowers...

Anneliese said...

The fancy details in the dahlias just amaze me and the coutless varieties surely do point us to a a God of detail and creativity.
Just beautiful!

Gilly said...

Those are terrific photos! I hadn't realised dahlias could grow in rows like that - well, I'd never thought about it, but they look fantastic. There are some really beautiful flowers there. Not so keen on the shaggy ones, but the others are all gorgeous, especially that orange one at the beginning!

Susanne said...

Love, love, love all the pictures. Dahlia's are my favorites. So many varieties and colors. I can't believe that one bigger than your hand!

We had a crummy spring too and a not bad summer and not all of a sudden we're having a daytime heat wave with temps in the 90's all week, something that didn't happen all summer. Crazy

Paula said...

Beautiful! I think I need some dahlias for my garden...

Linda (Nina's Nest) said...

Magnificent dahlias!! What gorgeous fields of flowers! Linda

Linda (Nina's Nest) said...

Hi, I'm back with the red paint color you asked about. First, it is not a stock color with a name, but rather, a color my SIL had in her head! They had it mixed at Porter. Porter Pro-Master 2000 Interior Oil Satin Wall & Trim Alkyd Enamel, PP 124 Ultra Deep Base. Formula: A - 10y; M-4y; T-16; V-10 Hope that helps! Linda

Steven said...

Looks more like Sauvie Island than it does the Swan Island I know about...hmmmmm...

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