Monday, September 12, 2011

A Weekend in the Country

In celebration of our 34th anniversary we took 4 days away from the hustle and bustle at home to have peace and quiet in the country.  (Well, we didn’t have to go to the country, the beach or the mountains or anywhere would have been fine but the middle of nowhere is where they had reservations available.)  We drove 5 hours southeast to Klamath Falls, a town you only want to see passing through.

We took our books, of course.  Bags of them, and his laptop, and my recipe project, and a few videos.  Heaven.  The phone only rang once: it was the front desk checking to see that everything was satisfactory.  Cell phones rang a few times: kids calling to say “happy anniversary”: welcome.

11-09-07-19-26-41H  11-09-07-19-29-02H Impressionist photography on the way over, reminded me of “The Gleaners”.


11-09-07-23-48-39H   Moon over Klamath Lake

11-09-08-10-14-03H View from our deck the next morning11-09-08-14-00-31H

11-09-08-19-04-09H 11-09-08-17-34-18H 11-09-08-19-03-17H 11-09-08-19-03-48H

Afternoon sun

11-09-08-19-13-58R 11-09-08-19-13-11H 11-09-08-19-13-23H 11-09-08-19-13-41H 11-09-08-19-13-52H

Evening drive

11-09-08-19-18-01R   11-09-08-19-17-31H   

11-09-08-19-23-00H  11-09-08-19-18-09R  

11-09-08-19-36-42H 11-09-08-19-23-18H 11-09-08-19-26-33H 11-09-08-19-28-17H 11-09-08-19-33-48H

Drama in the country


ellen b. said...

Happy Anniversary to you!

Steven said...

Happy anniversary! Nice pics, Holly.

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